Pixel Rain Digital

Experiential / Virtual Production

Pixel Rain Digital started in 2013 to offer access to creative and technical executions for customers

We’ve developed and executed dozens of experiences and projects ranging from film & commercials, interactive projection rooms, television shows, large scale projection events, LED studio buildouts, arcade game systems, and more.

We have worked and partnered with many Fortune 500 companies, and pride ourselves at delivering the upmost quality and service.

In Film, TV and Advertising, we are leaders in In-Camera-VFX (ICVFX), and have won numerous accolades and awards in the professional industry, including 4 Cannes Lions.

Our ICFVX consulting, VP supervisor, and VFX skillsets have been hired by Discovery+, Netflix, Disney/Hulu and many other studios.

Our greatest asset is our passion.  Our love for creating, using and working with technology to create a sum larger than its parts.  And our passion for creating lasting relationships with our clients and partners.






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