Pixel Rain Digital

Creative Experiential Design

Pixel Rain is a company who specializes in immersive media, using animation and programming as our toolset.


We create experiences.  Both in public spaces and for production.


We started off in 2013 working on mostly projection mapping projects.  Word spread that our work was great, and we were able to land some great clients in production projects.  During the first couple of years, projects began getting more technical, and we started designing 4d experiences, and also working with all forms of immersive content (360 VR).


Our clients tend to hire us for two reasons:  Our work looks good.  And it works well.


All the the other stuff, like how we use AR, VR in most projects, create massive displays and video rooms, design and build custom 4d media servers and systems, make video games for museums, create XR stages… that’s pretty cool too.


We focus on reliable, robust systems, and high quality content.


We’d love to discuss your project.

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