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Pixel Rain has been bringing virtual production techniques to clients since our beginnings in 2013. We introduced the New York Yankees to the new world of immersive production in 2015, shooting their media day on interactive projection mapped backdrops.
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We also built the amazing Dream Cube for Expedia and St Jude, so that we could transport children all over the world, in real-time, talking and gesturing with 'guides', placed all throughout the world. We projected the full environment 360 degrees around them, fully immersing them. We won several Cannes Lion Award for this project.
We've created dozens of projection mapping shows for amazing associations, like Indycar, and New Belgium, and the After School Allstars. We've built 360 exhibits that recreate the sinkhole experience (Corvette), transport guests across the world to a Distillery (the Macallan) and many more.

Virtual Production

We design, build, and operate virtual production sets for cinematic, broadcast, and live event production.

  • Large Scale Projection and LED Systems
  • Virtual Camera Tracking Integration
  • Unreal Game Engine Virtual Production Techniques

Projection Mapping Events

Through the highly calibrated use of projection, high-end video servers, and custom 3D animation, projection mapping can create unbelievable illusions and tell unforgettable stories.

Interactive Installations

  • Turnkey Interactive Exhibits for Museums
  • 4d Experience Design
  • Game Design (Unreal Engine, Unity Engine)
  • Event Activations

360 Content Development

We create, process, and manipulate 360 content. Stabilization, color correction, and CG enhancement. Full production pipeline.

Public Art

Massive video murals, large format projection content design. Let us help design your dream project.

Creative Agency Support

Our award winning team is here to support the visions brought to life by creative and advertising agencies.


Our projects have won many awards for their innovation and spirit.  Thanks to the wonderful people we’ve worked with on these projects!


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Have a look at some our favorite projects below.  All animation and content is created in-house and perfectly tailored to the project, allowing us to create spectacular perspective magic.

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