National Corvette Museum Cave-In!

You may have heard the story; on Feb. 12, 2014, a 30 foot sinkhole opened up and swallowed 8 of the world’s most beloved Corvettes at the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green Kentucky. Its been almost exactly 2 years since this famous event, and the National Corvette Museum has repaired the sinkhole.  However, interest in the sinkhole event has not waned, with increased traffic to the museum. Now, the final resting place for the the Corvettes is now the most popular museum attraction. To allow people to re-experience the sinkhole and its aftermath, National Corvette Museum enlisted Creative Arts Unlimited to create a 1,000 square foot exhibit.  The exhibit features experiential displays that allow guest to interact, and fully understand the event that occurred.  3D models of the cave, interactive panels of the Corvettes, news coverage on the event, and much more comprise this rich exhibit. This is where we came in! The finale of the exhibit is a virtual cave, meticulously crafted and sculpted by Creative Arts finest artists (check out H2’s Museum Men!).  We built a system using 6 short throw projectors, a monster server with 9 outputs, and an animation that wraps over 270 degrees around the viewer!  It fits up to 15 people at a time in the room, and loops the 30 second animation every three minutes.  One of most impactful elements is the sound, which roars at over 50 decibels, and really transports the viewer to the bottom of a cave! We will dig into the project specifics a bit more later, but for now have a look at some of the NBC news coverage from this exhibit.

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National Corvette Museum Cave-In Projection Mapping | Pixel Rain Digital